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Codoku Bible

Welcome to Codoku Bible. If you solve all the puzzles in order you will get the whole King James Version. All the puzzles are pretty easy, but in the size 16x16. This is because the longest word in the KJV is 13 letters. I use hyphenation (-) as space. If you wonder where the text to the puzzles come from, you can search on Biblesenter.

Enjoy the puzzles

-   L   H Y S X T I Q R   E A  
E S     T J R     A   - Y G I  
  Y N R L   E       G O   Q    
A     X       - S E Y   T H   R
            G J E Q H N S X L  
Y     H       R G   I   O     Q
X I E A     Y Q   - R S G   T  
      G   T H   Y X   A R   - N
R     Y S       A O N   J      
  -   J Q E O   I       A Y R X
G     I   R X L -     Q E     T
N X O L I G J A R Y   E        
Q   Y S J H A                 G
J   -   O L       H     I N Y A
  O X T R   -     L A G     J E
  A G N X S I E J R -     T   O
Showing puzzle number: 84092
Puzzletype: Optimal Sudoku
Startnumbers: 150
Difficulty: Super easy (0)
Solution methods: SiSo
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