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Picking same numbers vs picking different numbers


Is it smart to pick the same numbers each week, or should you pick different numbers? What is best?


Check the difference between picking the same numbers each time and different numbers each time in Lotto. This program uses the norwegian setup of picking 7 numbers out of 34. But the amount of numbers does not change anything for the outcome, so you can change them to whatever you want.

The cycle is:

  1. Pick 7 numbers to use for the same pick
  2. For each draw pick 7 numbers for different pick, and 7 numbers as the draw
  3. If no one has won, go back to 2.
  4. If someone wins, add to the counter and go back to 1.

As you see, we stop the run when someone wins. And we pick new 7 numbers for each run. The reasoning for this is that you usually do not live long enough to win twice, so this is set up as 10000 different persons trying these two methods to win. The result is, as predicted, there is no difference.

Each run tests 10000 rounds of first winner



There is no difference between picking the same numbers each week, and picking different numbers each week.