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Reducing methods

When you use a solution table to solve a sudoku you have several methods you can use to reducing the table. I suggest you read conventions before you read on

IG - Initial Sudoku

You use this method to initiate the solution table

SiSo - Single Solution

You use this method to reduce obvious solutions

SC - Single Cell

Reducing where a cell is the only one containing a number

SB - Single Box

Reducing where a box is the only one which can contain a number

DS - Disjoint Subset

Reducing where x cells has x possible solutions which are the same

DC - Disjoint Chainr

Reducing where x cells has x possible soliutions divided by them
These can be hard to do on paper

XW - X-Wing

SF - Swordfish

JF - Jellyfish

SqB - Squirmbag

NS - Nishio

BB - Bowman Bingo